Migan Church Records – Baptismal Records

In addition to the Death Records that Pam acquired from Holy Family, she was also able to obtain the following baptismal records (slightly redacted to remove one individual who is still amongst the living…).

A Day at the Races

My Aunt sent me a picture of (from left to right, my great-uncle Vernon T. Migan, my great-great-grandmother, Mary Gertrude (Greenwalt) Migan, and my great-great-grandfather, John Thomas Migan. However, I’m not sure exactly when and where the image was taken. Read More …

Who are my great-great-grandparents?

I’ve long believed that the parents of my great-grandfather, John Thomas Migan, were John J. Migan and Catherine Kelly. However, I’ve lately come upon a source that throws some question on John Thomas’s parentage.