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Other Keating Researchers:

Robert M. KeatingBob has a bunch of information on the ancient history of the Keating family.
Fr. David Smith, S. J.The Keating Family of Irish Creek, Kansas.
Keating Surname ProjectJoin the Keating Surname Project. Names include Cating, Caton, Cattan, Kading, Kaitting, Katenkamp, Keaten, Keating, Keaton, Keatting, Keeton, Keyton, and others.
Kathy Keatting-HullKathy’s site contains information on the descendants of John Keating and Lucinda Wilkes of Ontario, Canada. She also is the administrator of the Keating Surname Project. More information on this project can be found at her site.
Jim Ward’s Keating FamilyJim Ward’s Keating originally came from Wexford.

General Genealogy Sites:“The oldest and largest FREE genealogy site, supported by”
Ancestry.comAccording to their byline, “the No. 1 Source for Family History Online.” Although I use them and have found their services invaluable, they are expensive.
Family SearchGenealogical resources from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Very broad base of information, but like all information, validate, validate, validate!
Cyndis ListCyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
The Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA)From their webpage: “TIARA (The Irish Ancestral Research Association) is a nonprofit organization established to develop and promote the growth, study and exchange of ideas among people and organizations interested in Irish genealogical and historica
GenDisastersEvents That Touched Our Ancestors Lives

Software Sites:

The Master Genealogist (TMG)Described as “the complete family history project manager.” My personal favorite. Very complete, but you might find yourself lost in the options available.
Legacy Family TreeI’ve never used this, so I’ve no opinion.
Family Tree Maker (FTM)Describe themselves as “the #1 selling software product for building, customizing, searching and sharing your family history.” This is the most commonly found genealogy software in the stores, which makes it an easy claim.
Personal Ancestry File (PAF)“Personal Ancestral File (PAF) is a free genealogy and family history program.” This software is put out by the Latter Day Saints, and is one of the oldest supported applications out there.
Second SiteA companion utility for The Master Genealogist (TMG) that can be used to create web sites or CDROMs. I use it for my personal genealogy website and am very pleased. The author, John Cardinal, offers very good support.

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  1. Writing on behalf of my wife Carolyn, daughter of Harry M Keating of the Keating clan of Mt Morris descended from Patrick Keating (14 children) who emigrated from I believe Skiberreen sometime after 1870. Patrick was one of three sons of Kitty Keating (née Hayes) who emigrated to America.
    So I am interested to know if this clan is represented in your Keating groups

  2. It’s a long shot but my mom Mary married a fellow named Bill (Christopher) Keating back in 1961 and they divorced officially in 1967. She was living in Quincy, Ma. and I have no idea how they met (perhaps a bar) but the only info she told me about was that he had been in World War 2 and was from County Cork Ireland from a farming/rural area. He may have gone back to Ireland and he had a sister named Mary Mullins who lived in London. If someone is reading this who may know any info on Bill (William) perhaps a family member or friend please get in touch. Thank You.

  3. Hello Keating family,
    Wonderful to know I’m not alone.
    My wife and I are moving to Wexford this year.
    Let us know you are coming over.

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