Why a Journal?

I’ve added this WordPress journal to allow me to keep track of my genealogical research. Although I’ll try to leave most of it public, some of it may not be publicly visible, depending on how sensitive I deem the information. The public results of my research can be seen at https://www.KeatingSearch.com/MyGenealogy/.

Why KeatingSearch?

I created KeatingSearch.com in the mid-nineties as a central-clearinghouse for genealogists and family historians researching the Keating surname. It has gone through several design iterations, from a series of flat-files in the mid-1990’s to several different content management systems. It currently runs WordPress.

Who Am I?

I’m John W. Keating III, of the Frostburg Keatings. My Keating family left Ireland in 1854, heading for new opportunities in the United States. After being shipwrecked off of Long Island Sound, they lived in Connecticut for a short while before moving south to settle in Western Maryland. Descendants of John and Julia (Hyland) Keating can now be found all around the country, although the greatest concentration remains in Maryland.