Who are my great-great-grandparents?

I’ve long believed that the parents of my great-grandfather, John Thomas Migan, were John J. Migan and Catherine Kelly. However, I’ve lately come upon a source that throws some question on John Thomas’s parentage.

John J. Migan (Mar 1837 – Aug 1912) and his wife, Catherine (Jan 1832 – Jul 1908), are easily found in the 1900 census at Ancestry.com. There’s a copy available on my online genealogy. Living with John J. and Catherine are adult children Mary A. and Edward P. A few houses away lives the family of James Migan, presumably another son.

However, when searching for the 1900 census listing of John Thomas Migan, I finally found him listed as a “Son” in the household of what appears to be a “Gorge” (Jun 1830 – ?) and Catherine (Feb 1835 – ?) Migan (not surprisingly, in Randallstown). With John are wife Mary (Greenwalt) and children Agnes, James, and Leo (listed incorrectly as a grand-daughter of “Gorge” and “Catherine”). All the dates for John, Mary, Agnes, James, and Leo are correct, as found in other sources…

Who are George, and wife Catherine? Are they truly John’s parents?

(This was originally a letter I sent to a few other Migan researchers last April. I ran into George again a few nights ago, and didn’t realize that I had already seen him until I found this letter again. That forgetfulness was one of the biggest reasons I decided to start this journal.)

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