John Cardinal Releases Second Site 2.0

John Cardinal released Second Site (SS) 2.0 tonight, the latest incarnation of his web site generator for TMG. I’ve downloaded it and have been playing with it most of the evening, although I don’t have a new page worth showing off yet.

Some changes I’ve been thinking about…

  • A new layout. I’ve grown a bit weary of the images used on my current pages. The new SS uses a new layout and theme structure. I’ll have to play around with it a bit and see if I can come up with something that I like.
  • John has added the ability to create “Exhibit Galleries”, which allow a nifty presentation of multiple pictures. Playing with this new option has shown me that many of the captions associated with photos are currently missing or misleading. It also shows me that I need to come up with a better picture for myself. 🙂 (This also reminds me of an ongoing task of getting recent photos of as many family members as possible to put into the family tree/journal.)
  • Instead of creating one large online database, I’m considering breaking it up into families, possibly based on an eponymous pair. (For example, John and Julia (Hyland) Keating for the Keating Family.) This might be a good way to put together an online tree or CD for family reunions and distribution to cousins on a distinct line. However, I’m not sure if I would want it to be my primary online database. (I’ve spent most of the evening playing with this, but it requires creating filtered groups for each group that I want, then, for each group, creating a separate flag that SS can then use to create the pages. Not a simple procedure, especially if I want spouses, etc.)

We’ll see where this leads the pages.
Sláinte Mhath!


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