Migan Church Records – Baptismal Records

In addition to the Death Records that Pam acquired from Holy Family, she was also able to obtain the following baptismal records (slightly redacted to remove one individual who is still amongst the living…).

Leo Dowling Migan was born Dec. 3, 1898 and baptized on Dec. 11, 1898 at Holy Family by John W. Dowling, pastor

Father was John (I think – everything is in Latin) Migan and Maria Greenwalt. Godparents: Joseph Greenwalt & Maria Migan.

Vernon Thomas Migan was born Dec. 1, 1900 and Baptized December 23, 1900 by John Rich.Roth. Parents: Joanne Thomas Migan and Maria Greenwalt. Godparents: Stephanus Hemler & Agnes Greenwalt.

Albert Francis Migan was born Sept. 26, 1902 and baptized October 12, 1902 by Edward P. McAdams. Father was John Migan and Maria Migan. Godparents: Jacobus Migan and Catharina Migan.

Marie Katharine Migan was born Nov. 2, 1904 and baptized Nov. 11, 1904 by Edward P. McAdams. Father was John Migan and Mary G. Greenwalt (Migan). God parent: Minnie Greenwalt

Lilian Gertrude Migan was born Nov. 2, 1904 and baptized November 11, 1904 by Edward P. McAdams. Father was John T. Migan and Mary G. Migan. Godparent: Stella Greenwalt.

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  1. This was great! Thank you. I have started doing the genealogy on my husband’s family. Mary Gertrude Greenwalt Migan was my husband’s great Aunt. He is descended from John J. Greenwalt, her brother. I was wondering, did you go to Holy Family Church to get the information or did you go through the Archives at St. Mary’s Seminary and University. I am trying to find out what is the correct way that Greenwalt was spelled. I know that Holy Family Church didn’t come to be until the 1880’s and that Mary Gertrude Greenwalt was married there. If so, on the marriage record they should have her parents names and sometimes they put the spelling that was the original spelling.

  2. Melanie – That would make your husband and I second cousins.

    I believe Pam (the original researcher for that information) spoke with the secretary at Holy Family.

    Have you seen the family tree that I have partially done for the Greenwalt family? Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on John’s family.

  3. John– Your family tree is great! I was able to find some information about my husband’s family that my husband didn’t know about. Thank you! My husband’s name is Stephen. We went down and visited the graves at Holy Family Cemetery. We live in Carroll County. I have found over 12 Greenwalt’s buried there.
    I am doing more research on the John Greenwalt Family. When I find out more, I will let you know. John Greenwalt, Mary Gertrude Greenwalt’s brother might be buried at Mt. Olive or Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Steve and I are going to check it out.
    There is an interesting website, http://www.findagrave.com. My brother Charles told me about the site. People are putting graves sites on this site for genealogy research. It is free. I was able to find some more Greenwalts buried at Holy Family Cemetery on that site that were not listed on the Holy Family Cemetery site.
    Thank you again!

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