Dublin Keatings: 1815 Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanack

PrefixFirst NameMiddle NameSurnameSuffixJob DescriptionAddressPage(s)Notes
Keating and KennedySilk Manufacturers1 Hanover street65
AmbroseKeatingInn-keeper163 Thomas street65
C. and R.KeatingStarch and stone-blue-manufacturers193 Great Britain street65
CharlesKeatingGrocer11 James street65
Mrs.E.KeatingNobility and Gentry59 Queen street128
Mrs.F.KeatingNobility and Gentry27 North Great George’s street128
Mrs.IsabelleKeatingNobility and Gentry57 Aungier street128
J.KeatingGrocer18 New market65
Jas.KeatingGold beater and Working silversmith2 Prince of Wales c.65
JohnKeatingFruiterer7 Upper Sackville street65
JohnKeatingGrocer8 Moore street65
Rev.JohnW.KeatingDDDean, St. PatrickDeanry, Kevin street182
M.KeatingeEsq.Nobility and Gentry, Barrister2 Upper Fitzwilliam street128, 147(T)rinity 1788
N.KeatingeAttorney2 Upper Fitzwilliam street164Office, 13 Fade street, Common Pleas Court, Exchequer Court
PatrickKeatingBoot and Shoemaker38 Henry street65
Rich.KeatingEsq.Nobility and Gentry91 Baggot street128
T.KeatingBarrister34 Lower Sackhoff147E(aster) 1799

Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanack. Ireland: n.p., 1815.

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