Dublin Keatings: 1809 Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanack

TitleFirst NameMiddle NameSurnameSuffixJob DescriptionAddressPage(s)Notes
EdwardKeatingPhysicianDublin College183“A. B. T. C. D. and M.D.”
JohnWilliamKeatingD.D.Dean of IrelandTuom125
EnsignPatrickKeating28th RegimentTipperary1513 Sept 1808
DeputyWalterKeatingsen. Esq.Magistrate of TownKells133

Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanack. Ireland: n.p., 1809.

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  1. Thank you for the information you send on the Keatings. It is my understanding that one man changed his name to Keating or Bright Flame for the origin of the Keating name. Is that correct? Trying to figure out if my DNA Keating family is related to your Keatings. My Keating family lived in Pennsylvania, Primarily Norristown and Philadelphia. Francis Richard “Frank” Keating 1843-1880 was born 5, July 1843 in Swedesburg, Montgomery, PA, USA died 6 July 1880 in Bridgeport, PA, USA

  2. I haven’t yet found a link between your Keatings and mine on this side of the pond. Do you know of any male family members with a Keating paternal line who have done a Y-DNA test? This would be a good way of finding how closely we’re connected. My Y-DNA results are still only partially complete, but already showing possible connections with others there some 8-12 generations back. This is only a few generations further than I have documentation. If you’ve done an autosomal test through Ancestry, 23andMe, FTDNA, etc., let me know the name it is under and I’ll take a look, although there are enough generations since my immigrant ancestor that little tends to come through the mixing of families.

    While I’m not related, I did find a references to who I think are your Keatings in my email archives. It was from the old RootsWeb Keating board, and included a link to a photo album of what I think are Frank’s sons. Search for Norristown in the forum for other messages on researchers interested in Keatings from that area.

    There have also been a few mentions of a Frank Keating on this site, linked here.

  3. Oh… On the origins of the Keating name, there are several stories, but I haven’t found any proof to any (as yet). The oldest reference to the Keating name’s founding I’ve heard was a 19th century writer commenting on the ancestry of Geoffrey Keating, the 17th century Irish historian. However, Geoffrey himself was centuries beyond what was likely the founding of the family, and the 19th century writer even further.

    There may even be more than one founding story. The FTDNA Surname project shows several Keating family groups whose common ancestors extend prior to the Norman invasion of Ireland. While there are many explanations for this (e.g., NPEs, fosterage, etc.), it may also point to multiple familial origins.

    I enjoy hearing the stories (and really should make an effort to collect all that I’ve heard in a single article), but tend towards the belief that they’re just family folklore. While there likely was (at least one) founding story, it may be lost to time.

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