Dublin Keatings: 1800 Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanack

TitleFist NameMiddle NameSurnameSuffixJob DescriptionAddressPage(s)Notes
CaptainKeatingMajor of Brigade to the Forces99
MauriceKeatingBarrister44 Bride street116T(rinity) 1788
MichaelKeatingGoldsmith14 East Cole alley62
PatrickKeatingButcher102 Patrick street62
PatrickKeatingPerfumer and Powder Manufacturer196 Great Britain street62
T.KeatingBarrister74 Marlborough street116E(aster) 1798
WilliamKeatingBarrister74 Marlborough street116T(rinity) 1792
BaronWilliamPowerKeating TrenchGreet Georges Street, Garbally61

Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanack. Ireland: n.p., 1800.

2 Replies to “Dublin Keatings: 1800 Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanack”

  1. Sadly, not in the earlier almanac(k)s and directories. In later editions, they start to show up, but all too often, their identity is often hidden behind “Mrs. Keating” or “The Misses Keating”. Occasionally, we get an initial or even a partial name. One “Mrs. E. Keating” (perhaps my teaching ancestor) ran an ad in the Dublin Free Press newspaper that does include her full name and the address, but sadly, that’s uncommon.

    I’m hoping (expecting, really) that once I start digging into the church archives, we’ll see more of the population, and not just the gentlepeople and business owners.

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