Sail to Care for the Wounded (23 May 1915)


University of Pennsylvania Physicians Will Pay Own Expenses.

Philadelphia, May 22.–Dr. J. William White, emeritus professor of surgery and trustee of the University of Pennsylvania, this week announced the names of the physicians who will sail for France with him on June 12 to represent the university in the war relief work.

The Pennsylvania contingent, which will have charge of the work undertaken by American universities during June, July and August, includes eight surgeons and physicians from this city, including Dr. James P. Hutchinson, who will be in active charge of the unit; Dr. Daniel J. McCarthy, neurologist; Dr. Edmund B. Piper, Dr. Walter Estell Lee, Dr. Arthur E. Billings, Dr. Peter McCall Keating and Dr. Samuel Goldschmidt, bacteriologist.

Four experienced women clinic nurses will accompany the expedition. Most of the doctors will pay their own expenses. The remaining cost will be privately subscribed.

Source: Sail to Care for the Wounded, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 23 May 1915, p. 17.

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