The Girl Scout (13 June 1915)


Strong and straight she stands,
pleasing the eye
Of all waiting to see–
The Girl Scout, robed in khaki brown,

Reminder of promises three
Made with soldier—like precision,
With three fingers upraised
First, her duty to God and land;
Next, helpful to obey
The scout law she solemnly vows,
Always loyal to be,
Courteous, cheerful, thrifty, pure,
This, the Girl Scout’s decree
In the springtime of life, practical
Intelligence will awaken
Thirst for more ev’ry—day knowledge
Till ev’ry branch is taken
And her horizon broadened out.
Never more good forsaking
But for the household betterment
Reaping benefits new
Domestic in old—fashioned ways
Yet up to date–always true.


Source: The Girl Scout, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 13 June 1915, p. 7 (Third Part).

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