Army & Navy Gossip (15 November 1914)

Army & Navy Gossip


Considerable mystery still attaches to the disappearance some months ago of Lieut. Comdr. A. B. Keating, from the battleship Arkansas, then at Vera Cruz. He disappeared suddenly at night under circumstances that justified the suspicion that he had committed suicide by drowning or had been accidentally drowned, but his body was not recovered. Since then, he has been carried on the naval records as “absent without authority; whereabouts unknown.” It now appears that there is reason to believe that the officer is living and that, instead of committing suicide, he was able to reach the shore. He was a member of the Navy Mutual Aid Association, and application recently was made for the benefit that would go to his designated beneficiary in the event of his death. The relatives of the officer have been advised that until the death is announced officially the benefit will not be paid.

Source: Army & Navy Gossip, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 15 November 1914, p. 2 (Second Part).

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