Tells Widows To Wait (1912)


“Don’t Set Your Caps Until the Girls Are Wedded,” Says Priest.

Special to the Washington Post.

Brockton, Mass., March  21.–”Widows have no right to set their caps for any men until all the young girls have been supplied with husbands,” declared Rev. William E. Keating, curate at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, in a Lenten sermon here tonight. Father Keating advised girls not to marry a stingy man, or a spendthrift, or to put too much confidence in a man who says, “I’ll die for you.”

“You don’t want him to die,” said Father Keating. “You want him to live and work for you.”

“Then there is the lazy man. If you marry such a man you have married a gold brick.”

“Beware of the nine-dollar-a-week man. Pass up the nine-dollar-a-week man for better fish. They say love is a great comfort, but it falls before an empty pantry.”

Source: Tells Widows To Wait, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 22 March 1912, p. 1.

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