Fall Costs Him $58 (1912)



Visitor Robbed By Stranger Who Goes to His Aid.




Casualty Doctors Restrain Martin Keating From Immediate Pursuit of Thief. […]

Martin Keating, 38 years old, of Harrisburg, Pa., was one of the most unfortunate of the cold—weather victims yesterday. Keating arrived in the city yesterday afternoon, and on arriving at Second and F streets northeast, after a walk from Union Station, he slipped on the sidewalk, striking his head against the curbing. Several pedestrians hurried to his side, and, failing to revive him, sent for the Casualty Hospital ambulance.

Keating recovered consciousness at the hospital, and when he looked through his clothes, $58 was missing. He wanted to leave the hospital at once to catch one of the kind pedestrians who had helped him from the sidewalk, but the hospital surgeons would not allow him to leave until last night, when the theft was reported to the police.


Source: Fall Costs Him $58, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 13 January 1912, p. 12.

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