Too Much Speed Leads Burglers Into Jail Here (1954)


State policeman Edwin Karr is convinced “you can’t tell what will happen when you start chasing a car.”

Officer Karr was on patrol on the Lincoln Highway just east of here Friday morning when he noticed an auto moving at what seemed more than the usual rate of speed.

He swung after the vehicle and when it slowed to 50 m.p.h. decided to continue the chase, stop the auto and remind the driver about speed limits — in a pleasant way, of course.

When the car stopped, near Warren’s Garage, it contained two young men, the driver, John Raymond Keating, 19, of Bethel, Conn., and Charles A. Skelly, 18, of Danbury, Conn.

Admit Their Guilt

Keating, the driver, was unable to produce a driver’s license or an owner’s card. The car was bearing dealer’s tags from Connecticut.

The two young men were booked on suspicion and placed in the county jail. In addition, a charge of driving without an operator’s license was brought against Keating before Justice of the Peace John H. Basehore.

Investigation showed the car had been stolen from a Danbury auto dealer Thursday, and that the dealer’s establishment had also been burglarized and two tires removed.

The two youths admitted their guilt and said that they had sold one of the tires at a service station for $5 plus a tank full of gasoline.

Authorities are to arrive from Connecticut Sunday night for the pair. The youths told police they would waive extradition in Adams County court Monday to permit their return with the Danbury officers later Monday.

Source: Too Much Speed Leads Burglers Into Jail Here, The Gettysburg Times, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 23 January 1954, p. 1.

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