Diplomats Guests of Lieut. Keating (1907)

Diplomats Guests of Lieut. Keating

Special to the Washington Post

Annapolis, Md. Jan. 25 – Prince Koudercheff, of the Russian Embassy to the United States; Count Hatzfelt, of the German Embassy to the United States, and Mr. John Fergusson, of Pittsburg, Pa., secretary to the American Legation to Japan, who is now visiting this country were the guests of Lieut. Arthur B. Keating, U. S. N., here to-day Lieut. Keating made the acquaintance of his visitor at a house party in Tokyo, Japan, some years ago.

Source: Diplomats Guests of Lieut. Keating, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 26 January 1907, p. 13.

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