Far and Away — Leaving Ballymore Eustace

The following is a list of the name of the persons whose cabins have been levelled and who have left the parish in the last fifteen years.

Very Reverend James Rickard, Parish Priest of Ballymore Eustace, 1862.

The start of this list was 1847, the year of Ireland’s Great Famine.

The list was written within the parish register for the Parish of Eustace Ballymore and Hollywood. So far, I’ve only found a snippet of the list from a scan of “Ballymore Eustace and Hollywood: Chronicle of an Historic Parish (1953)” (part 1, part 2). If anyone can find the complete list, including Father Rickard’s quote above, please let me know.

(Note the Hyland name on the right, about 3-4 rows down. Can anyone read the first name?)


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