Dublin Keatings: 1849 Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland

TitleFirst NameMiddle NameSurnameSuffixJob DescriptionAddressProperty ValuePage(s)Notes
Mrs.Keating1 Parnell terrace & South Circular road16L530, 800p800 “Miss Keating”
Mrs.Keating2 Blessington street45L530, 681
AmbroseKeatingvintner159 Thomas street25L831
CharlesKeatingsilk weaverBrickfield lane10l683
DanielKeatingboarding and lodging house3 Gregg’s lane10L750
EdwardKeatingengraver and electro plater166 Great Britain street530, 688p688, also “Michael Kelly, grocer, 50L”
EdwardKeatingturner27 Thomas court10L829
ElizaKeatingclothes broker19/20 Hanover lane6L / 6L752
GeoffreyKeatingprov. dl.17 Purdon street5L807
HenryKeatingtailor13 N.E. Anne street22L670
JamesKeatingbroker37 Upper Gloucester place15L745p745, also “John Reid, coach maker”
JohnKeating33 Lower Mecklenburgh street16L530, 781
JohnKeatingcorn and flour factor14 George’s quay15L530, 701, 743Residence: 10 Charleville mall (21L)
Rev.JohnKeatingCurate, St. Paul’s R.C.Arran quay660, 663
JohnKeating23 Dolphin’s barn8L721
JohnKeatingvictualler11 Patrick street16L800
MichaelKeatinggrocer and spirit dealer73 Great Brunswick street30L530, 690141 Townsend street (30L)
MichaelKeatingsilk warp22 Braithewaite street10L684
NicholasKeatingboot and shoemaker13 Montague street15L786
PatrickKeatingbroker36 Little Denmark street719p719, also “Joseph Evans, coachsmith, 15L”
PatrickKeatingprov. dlr28 Stoneybatter road10L823
RichardKeatinggrocer and wine merchant108 Great Britain street530, 688
WalterKeatingbarrister620Admitted “H(ilary) 1483”
WilliamKeating1 Middle Mountjoy street12L530, 790p790, also “J and M Ross, dressmakers”
MissKeatinge17 Anne street & North Circular road530
Mrs.Keatinge49 Upper Sackville street530, 815p815, also “John Gaghran, M. D., surgeon, and apothecary, 120L”
MauriceKeatingebarrister21 South Merrion square530Admitted “T(rinity) 1838”
NicholasKeatingeesq.19 Richmond Hill, Rathmines530
Right Hon.RichardKeatingeLL.D.Judge of the Prerogative Court21 South Merrion square530Admitted “E(aster) 1813”
Campbell & Keatingwholesale woollen and Manchester warehouse18 Merchant’s quay45L782

Dublin Almanac and General Register of Ireland. Ireland: Pettigrew & Oulton., 1849.

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