The Queen v. Margaret Keating (11 July 1860)

The Queen v. Margaret Keating

The prisoner was indicted for stealing £23 6s., the property of Patrick Foran. It appeared from the evidence that prosecutor went into a shop at Harwood, in this county, for the purpose of buying some articles, and after paying for what he had purchased, and going away, he came back in a short time, and complained of having lost his purse. He went for the police—sergant, who accompanied him to the prisoner’s house, which was about half a mile from the shop, and on interrogating the prisoner she denied having the purse. The constable then said he should search the house, when she went to the end of the room in which they were, and took it from under a bed, where it was hid. The prisoner said she had found it under her feet.

The jury found the prisoner guilty.

His Lordship sentenced the prisoner to three months’ imprisonment.

Source: “The Queen v. Margaret Keating”, The Irish Times, Dublin, Ireland, p. 4, 11 July 1860.

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