A Faithless Spouse (15 August 1860)

A Faithless Spouse. – Some time during the past week, the wife of a farmer, named Keating, who resides near Killarney, being convinced of the fact that variety is charming, left her husband’s house and proceeded to Cork, with the intention of emigrating to America. Unfortunately for the success of her design, she brought with her £28, the property of her deserted spouse; and he, being unable to sustain so great a loss took out a warrant for her apprehension, and forwarded it to Cork, whither he ascertained she had fled. The warrant was entrusted to Constable McManus, who has obtained quite a reputation in such matters; and he succeeded in arresting the lady in Queenstown on Monday. She was brought before the magistrates at the police-office this morning,when an application was made to have her transmitted to Killarney; this was granted. The greater portion of the money was found in her possession, which will, no doubt, afford some consolati[on] to the afflicted husband.

Source: “A Faithless Spouse”, The Irish Times, Dublin, Ireland, 15 August 1860, p. 3.

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