Keating-Pope Wedding (7 October 1933)

This image is from the wedding of my grandparents, John William Keating and Sara Elizabeth Pope. It comes from a scanned negative and is a group shot from the wedding and reception that I’d never seen before scanning it in. The location is a bit east of Grantsville, Garrett County, Maryland, where the Pope family had their farm.

Keating—Pope Wedding

I’m trying to identify everyone in the wedding picture. If you can help, click on the image to go to the page where it is hosted.

There, if you move your mouse over the picture, you’ll see notes indicating who I’ve identified so far. Please feel free to add your own or write a comment below. Move your mouse over the boxes to see who that person is.

You can see a larger image by clicking on the “All Sizes” button above the image on

2 Replies to “Keating-Pope Wedding (7 October 1933)”

  1. John Keating and Elizabeth Pope’s wedding picture: The man draped between Lou Bowman and Unk
    ( Leo) Keating is definitely not Thomas Patrick Keating. I know this without any doubt because I am his oldest daughter. This is not T.P.K. Please make this correction. I don’t know why he is missing from the photo.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Mary Alice! Wonder if our mystery man is a Pope or a friend of the family? Could your dad have been behind the camera? That seemed to have been Uncle Charles’ normal role, but considering his role as best man, your dad may have been given the role of cameraman.

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