Baldwinstown Castle

My cousin’s family recently visited Ireland and snapped some pictures of Baldwinstown Castle, a historical home of the Keating family.


Robert Keating has some additional photos of his visit to Ireland back in 1995, as well as additional history, here.

I’ve been considering a series of articles on castles associated with the Keating name. Can anyone offer suggestions of various castles that have historical associations with the Keating family?

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  1. I am a English Keating of stock that has been resident in the Mancester area of England since 1900. Interesting my family is full of people called John.

    I am interested in the photos above. I would like permission to use the third picture on my new company website WKD Sales, Marketing & Media

    Would this be possible..If you would like any information on the Keatings of Cheetam Hill in Manchester pleaase let me know. It is some story, involving war heros, alcoholics, police officers, and gamblers. We are a large family.Keep up he good work….

    Andrew John Keating

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