News About People in the Armed Forces (24 March 1965)

News About People in the Armed Forces


Lieutenant Colonel Donald W. Keating, son of Mrs. Thelma L. Keating of Butternut Ridge Rd. has been presented the U.S. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award at Grand Forks AFB, N. D.

Colonel Keating, an F-101 Voodoo pilot, received the award as a permanent decoration for helping the 18th Fighter Interceptor Squadron achieve an exceptionally meritorious rating at Grand Forks.

His present unit supports the Air Defense Command mission of defending the continental U. S. against enemy air attack.

The colonel, who attended the University of Oklahoma, was commissioned through the aviation cadet program.

Source: News About People in the Armed Forces, The Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, Ohio, 24 March 1965, p. 21.

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