Gold Watch Stolen From Workman’s Vest (18 September 1923)

Gold Watch Stolen From Workman’s Vest

Gold watch of James Kating was stolen yesterday from his vest, while he was working near 617 Union street. The watch is valued at $65, had a gold case and a Waltham movement. According to the report made to the police by Mr. Kating, he hung the vest in which he had the watch on a fence near the place he was working. When he secured the vest after finishing his work, the watch was gone. His name is engraved on the base.

Source: Gold Watch Stolen From Workman’s Vest, New Castle News, New Castle, Pennsylvania, 18 September 1923, p. 9.

[I’m in search of the descendants of Simon Keating/Kating. One of Simon’s sons was reportedly James Kating. Perhaps this is him? – JWK3]

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