John Keating Shot Over a Dog (10 January 1887)

Dick Hurley, sworn in as a deputy treasurer of Hamilton county, Ohio, shot and killed John Keating in a Main street saloon, Cincinnati, Saturday night, the murder growing out of a dispute over a dog.

Source: —, Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, Ohio, 10 January 1887, p. 1.

[Might this be the same John Keating mentioned in an earlier edition of the Newark Daily Advocate? – JWK3]

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  1. This is my GG Uncle. On the interment record it mentioned he was murdered by Dick Hurley, but that is all I knew. Thanks.

  2. it might be, but I can’t be sure. I have written proof on the murder, but not on the other. there were other John Keatings in Cincinnati at that time.

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