Deed of McCulloh Street Property to John Kaeting [sic] (19 August 1874)

At the request of John Kaeting [sic] this deed was recorded August 19′ 1874.

This Deed made this twenty—seventh day of June in the year eighteen—hundred and seventy—four by one Thomas G. McCulloh Executor of the last Will and Testament of Mary McCulloh late of Allegany County Maryland deceased, Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of one thousand dollars current money the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. I the said Thomas G. McCulloh Executor as aforesaid do grant unto John Kaeting of Allegany County and State of Maryland and unto his heirs and assigns forever All that lot, piece or parcel of land lying and being in the County and State aforesaid and situated near the Town of Frostburg in being a part of a tract of land called The Hotel and more particularly described by and contained within the following courses and distances to wit: Beginning at a stake standing on the South West side of the Road leading from the National Turn Pike to the Allegany Cemetery and also at the end of the first line of that part of the “Hotel” sold by the said Thomas G. McCulloh Executor to Robert C. Paul and running thence with said Road North twenty five degrees West one hundred and thirty three feet to the intersection of McCulloh Street and with it North Sixty one degrees West two hundred and sixty nine feet to the Alley intersecting with said street thence South twenty nine degrees West four hundred and ninety feet to a fence standing on a line of that part of the Hotel sold by Thomas G. McCulloh Executor to John Bone thence with said fence South sixty one degrees East one hundred and fifty eight feet to the end of the second line of the aforesaid Robert L. Paul’s Lot and reversing said line North fifty seven and one half degrees East four hundred and sixty four and one half feet to the place of beginning containing three and one tenth acres. Saving and excepting from the operation of this deed all the large vein of coal which may be under the aforesaid Lot or parcel of land as heretofore sold and conveyed by George M. McCulloh and the aforesaid Mary McCulloh his wife during their lifetime ~ As witness my hand and seal on the day and year above written ~

Test Thomas G. McCulloh (Seal)
He[nr]y R. Atkinson Executor

State of Maryland Allegany County to wit:

I hereby certify that on this Twenty Seventh day of June in the year eighteen hundred and seventy four before me the subscriber a Justice of the Peace of the State of Maryland in and for Allegany County personally appeared Thomas G. McCulloh Executoras aforesaid and acknowledged the aforegoing deed to be his act. Acknowledged before and certified by He[nr]y R. Atkinson, J. P.

Source: Deed Book of Allegany County, Liber 43, Folio 40-41, Year of Record 1874.



The John Kaeting [sic] referred to is John Charles Keating, my great-great-grandfather, who immigrated to the United States in 1854, moved to Frostburg, and started my branch of the Keating family in America.

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