Collet Street Boy Missing From Home (27 September 1912)

Collet Street Boy Missing From Home

William Keating Draws Balance in Bank and Makes Disappearance.

Fifteen—year—old William Keating, a High school student, is missing from his home at 747 north Collett street. His account at a local bank has been withdrawn and police are without a clue. The lad disappeared shortly before the noon hour Thursday.

Although police have been on a search for the lad for several hours Friday and relatives conducted a county—wide hunt, Thursday night and Friday morning, no clue as to his whereabouts is evident.

Young Keating ran off with two other boys, it is believed. The others, Thomas Gagin, son of John Gagin, captain of the north end engine house, and John Kelley, son of Dan Kelly, former patrolman, have returned. They were captured at Bluffton Thursday evening by a street car conductor who noted their strange actions and suspected that they were running away. The boys went on a similar lark more than two months ago. They were taken at Fort Wayne on their former escapade.

Although the three planned their runaway together, Keating is said to have left the others soon after their departure. Where he went and whence he was bound, they do not know.

Keating was a freshman at the local high school. He was not at school Thursday morning. At noon he failed to return for dinner and an investigation was begun. It was found that the lad had withdrawn several hundred dollars deposited at a local bank earlier in the day. He had not been seen since.

Parents and relatives of the lad are distracted. He is a very bright boy and friends are at a loss to know what motive prompted his wanderlust. Lima police searched the city this morning without results. Authorities of other cities have been appraised and a lookout kept for the lad’s appearance.

Source: Collet Street Boy Missing From Home, The Lima Daily News, Lima, Ohio, 27 September 1912, p. 14.

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