Message (10 August 1912)


From Denver Police Says Mrs. Boggess is Safe.

Missing Society Woman, However, Has Failed to Wire Parents.

(By United Press)

Columbus, O., Aug. 10–”Mrs. Boggess left Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, for Chicago this morning. Will arrive there Monday.”

This message, signed by Corp. Felix O’Neil, of Denver, Colo., and received today by Attorney T. J. Keating, father of Mrs. Ethel Keating Boggess, a former Columbus musician, and society girl, who has been mysteriously missing from her home in Kansas City for eight days, failed to bring hope to the woman’s relatives here.

“I have absolutely no confidence in this report,” said Attorney Keating.

Mr. Keating explained that Mrs. Boggess had a cousin in Denver and expressed the belief that she would have been located through this relative had she been in Denver.

Mr. Keating has disregarded the report from Denver and has ordered the search continued.

Source: Message, The Lima Daily News, Lima, Ohio, 10 August 1912, p. 17.

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