The Next Version

I’m upgrading the software that runs this site to the latest and greatest version of WordPress. If things seem a bit wonky for the next day or two, this is the reason. I expect I’ll have to adjust the theme to take into account customizations that I had made to the previous version. If you continue seeing anything odd for more than a day, please let me know.

I’m a bit behind in updating. The reason? The birth of my second child, John William Thomas Keating IV¹. He was born the weekend before last, just shy of 8 pounds and just over 21 inches long. He’s happy and healthy. Mommy came through like a champ, and both are doing great.

¹ – The “John William” (obviously) came from my line, and “Thomas” is an homage to his late uncle, who was murdered a few years ago. (Although it also a long—standing Keating name). I thought about naming him the fifth, as I’m technically the fourth, but decided adding an extra middle name was disruptive enough to future genealogists. He seems to love his name, and I hope he’ll carry it as proudly as I have.



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