Loses Eyesight by Counting Money (1908)

Loses Eyesight by Counting Money

From the New York Telegraph.

It was bad money, really bad, that cost Miss Mabel Keating, assistant treasurer of the Manhattan Theater, her eyesight. She is now in the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital undergoing treatment preliminary to an operation which may restore her sight.

The bulk of the receipts at the Manhattan box office consists of nickels, dimes, and quarters. It was Miss Keating’s duty to count up, and the oculists say that the constant flash of the silver has affected her sight. She is known as one of the most rapid counters in the business.

The sight of bank employes [sic] is frequently affected by counting money, but government health officials say this is due principally to the dirt and germs which collect on the bills. Miss Keating’s case, the doctors say, is a peculiar and difficult one.

Source: Loses Eyesight by Counting Money, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 29 February 1908, p. 6.

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