Gems in Keating’s Room (1909)


Jewelry Valued at $300 Found in Bed of Suspect

More than $300 worth of the jewelry said to have been stolen from private residences by James Keating was located yesterday by Detectives Cornwall and Kleindienst. It was between the mattress and springs of a bed in a room of the house where Keating boarded 701 Seventh street southeast. More than $1,000 worth of jewely has been recovered by the detectives to date.

Nearly all the pieces of jewelry have been identified by the owners whose homes were robbed but there are still several watches missing.

Keating now faces eight charges for housebreaking and he probably will receive a preliminary hearing in police court this morning.

Source: Gems in Keating’s Room, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 16 September 1909, p. 16.

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