Hylands in The Registers of the Church of St. Michan, Dublin


p. 61 – february ye 4th 1653 was * Hiland daughter to * & Mary his wife.
p. 61 – Jun. ye 24th 1654 was * Hiland daughter to Martin * Mary his wife.
p. 61 – May ye 5th 1658 was * Hiland, sonn to ye s* & to Ma*.
p. 62 – Rose Hiland the daughter of Martin Hiland and Mary Hiland his wife was baptized the 7th of July 1660.
p. 73 – 1665, July 20 – was bap. Debera Heyland daughter to Martin Heyland & Mary his wife.


p. 23 – 1641, May 28 – Mathew Heyland, sonne of John Heyland.
p. 97 – 1668, May 10 – Buried Marttin Hilland in the Church yard of St. Michan’s.
p. 263 – 1684, Aprill ye first. – Richard, son of James Heyland, brewer, & Mary, his wife.
p. 374 – 1688, June 7 – Widdow Mary Heylan.


p. 45 – After three seuerall Lord’s daies publishing the Banes of Matrimonie at Michan’s Church betweene Martyne Hiland and Mary Hanlon, they were maried before Alderman Robert Mills one of the Justices of ye peace in the county of Dubl. upon the twelth daie of October 1654.
p. 51 – The Banes of Matrimony were published three severall Lord’s dayes betweene Patrick Hyland and Ellinor Quirke vizit on the 4th of October 1656, and on the 11th and 18th of the same moneth.
p. 52 – The Banes of Matrimony were published three severall Lord’s dayes betweene John Hyland and Mary Farroll (vizlt) on the 18th 25th and last of January 1656.

Source: Original data: The registers of the Church of St. Michan, Dublin. Dublin: Printed for the Parish Register Society of Dublin by A. Thom & Co., 1907. Available via Ancestry.com.

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