“Don’t Cut Me, Kid,” Says “Corpse” to Barber (1915)

“Don’t Cut Me, Kid,” Says “Corpse” to Barber

Gulfport, Miss., March 29. – After John Keating had been dead for six hours and his obituary had been published in a local newspaper, a barber was called in to shave his corpse. As the razor scraped across the man’s cheek, his eyes opened, his lips parted and he said:

“Don’t cut me, kid.”

The barber dived through a window. A panic in the neighborhood followed. Physicians who were called were unable to understand the case. Although now Keating is alive and well, they declared he was actually dead for six hours.

Source: “Don’t Cut Me, Kid,” Says “Corpse” to Barber, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 30 March 1915, p. 4.

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