What’s Going On Here?

If you’ve reached this page, expecting the “Great Keating Search”, you’ve already found it.

“Simplify” is the new watchword here at KeatingSearch.com, and I’m moving to simplify the whole website, both for you and for me.

Some of the changes I’m making to the site:

  • Replacing the Joomla-based front page of the website with a “journal”-style front page.
    • It now uses the WordPress blogging software. I will try to keep the navel-gazing at a minimum and post updates with useful, more frequent information. (And fewer of these administrivia posts!)
  • No more userids and passwords!
    • If you want to make a comment on an article, you no longer need to be a “member” of the site. Just click on the title of the article, scroll down, enter your name, your email (visible only to me), (optionally) a website, your comment, and then click on the “Submit This Comment” button. There will still be a userid and password required to enter the photo gallery and my private genealogy, although both are currently available only to my blood relatives. The public genealogy will still be password-free.
  • I’ve removed the forums completely.
    • The software, particularly with regards to Joomla-integration, was just plain unwieldy. Besides, I’m already the administrator of both the Rootsweb-sponsored Keating Mailing List and Message Board. Having a separate forum here was redundant. If you have a query, join the mailing list and/or post your question on the message board (which will then be forwarded to the mailing list). Most of the posts from the old forum are now in the archives.
  • More frequent updates.
    • I’ve already been using this journal to keep track of my own family research, including other bloodlines. You may see an article about the Pope family, or the Shroyer family. Don’t be confused, the Keating family research will still be here.
  • More readable on handhelds
    • As more people access the web via handheld devices such as PDAs and phones, web pages must adjust to maintain readability on these smaller devices. These pages should now be more readable on these devices.

Ongoing Changes:

  • The current color scheme/theme.
    • I’ll be changing the theme, possibly radically, to make it more pleasing and closer to the color scheme of previous incarnations of the site. In the meantime, this bluish theme isn’t too bad.
  • I’ve added some Google Ads.
    • This is an experiment, and is primarily intended to help offset some of the costs of (primarily) the website and (if they generate enough income) my genealogy habit. My goal is to make them as unobtrusive as possible, and I’ll remove them if they get to be too much of a problem.
  • Fixing Internet Explorer issues.
    • I’ve noticed several inconsistencies between how pages appear in Firefox, my browser of choice, and Internet Explorer (both versions 6 and 7). I’ll need to adjust how the page is displayed for those browsers. (Thank you, Bill Gates…)

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