Research Lesson – Watch for Corrections!

When browsing older newspapers for the history of your family, you may come across an interesting piece of genealogical data. However, the wise genealogist is advised to look a few days further for the inevitable correction.

I ran across the following headline from the 22 July 1930 NY Times regarding John Keating Jr, of Cumberland, MD. (John was a member of the Cumberland Keatings. While not related, the Cumberland Keatings share many names with my Frostburg Keatings (and also with the also-not-related Lonaconing Keatings…).

GINGER ROGERS TO MARRY; Dancer Is to Wed John Keating Jr. in New York on Aug 2.
Special to The New York Times.
July 22, 1930, Tuesday
Section: Amusements, Page 28, 139 words

You can imagine my surprise when I saw this link between Allegany County, Maryland and the illustrious Ms. Rogers. In the following day’s paper, however, I found this headline:

TO WED MISS V.R. RODGERS.; John Keating Jr. Not Engaged to Ginger, Rogers, Dancer.
July 23, 1930, Wednesday
Page 25, 181 words

The lesson is to always remember to read a few days past the obituary or article, you might find corrected or additional information!

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