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On an older incarnation of the site, Ray Keating wrote:

G’day All,

I am interested in finding the link back to Ireland for my particular branch of the Keating family but I have been basically stopped at Redmond Keating who fought on the British side in the American Revolutionary War with Jacob James troop of the Pennsylvania Light Dragoons, part of Tarleton’s British Legion. He was taken prisoner at the Battle of Cowpens in January 1781. He went to Nova Scotia with many other members of the Legion after the war in 1784 where he received a land grant of 100 acres at Port Mouton.

His son Redmond (II) was born in 1832 in Guysborough Co. NS. His son Redmond (III) is my great-grandfather.

If anyone has information beyond this, I would be very appreciative if you would drop me a line or post the information here.


Ray Keating

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  1. There were several Redmond Keatings and Redmond de Keatings. They were related to the famous Barron John Keating who helped USA in the revolutionary war. Perhaps you are related.

  2. I am not (that I’m aware of, although I’d love to have one of their Keating-line descendants take a Y-Dna test), although I’ve been in touch with a handful of their descendants. There are multiple books to be written about the adventures of their family.

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