Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

Genealogy is a wonderful hobby, but it often devolves to names and dates, particularly in generations long past. The obsessive-compulsive amongst my fellow genealogists (Teri would include me) find this fascinating, but can bore or even turn off those who slept their way through high school history classes.

Family pictures can help to put faces to those names. I’ve been asking for and receiving copies of family pictures for some time. Some of the pictures have no captions, and I’ve been occasionally asked here (and via email to family members) for captions on photos that I’ve placed on

Rather than continuing to use Flickr (which requires a subscription to upload the number of photos I have), I’ve created an online gallery on my own server which can be reached at

Most of the pictures require a userid and password. If you are family, feel free to register via the link on the gallery’s main page. There will then be a short delay after registering so that I can set up your permissions to access the relevant albums. I’ll send you an email when I’m finished setting the permissions.

If you can identify people in a photo, where or when it was taken, or have a story about the photo, feel free to comment in that photo’s comments section.

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