A Luzerne County, PA Keating Family Reunion

[Correspondence, Aug. 23.]
The seventh annual reunion of the Keating family was held at Fernbrook Park during the present week and proved to be one of the largest and most sociable of these thus far held. The committee in charge was: President, Mrs. James Keating; vice presidents, Mrs. Louis Wagner, Mrs. John F. Connole, Sr., and Mrs. Thomas F. Collins; secretaries, Misses Nana Walker and Ella Keating, Sr. The business meeting, which is an important event in the history of the reunion it was shown that the family was branching out and numbered more members than at any time in its history. Among those in attendance were:
Avoca — Mrs. Edward Reigen, Michael O’Brien.
Moosic — Michael Keating and Thomas Farrell.
Dupont — Edward Keating.
Hughestown — James O’Neill.
Plymouth — Mrs. Lucy Walker and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Connole, Sr., and family, Dr. and Mrs. John F. Connole, Jr., and son, Dr. Joseph Connole, Miss Aleathia Connole, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keating and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keating and family, John Keating, Mrs. Elizabeth Connors, Miss Gary Connors, John Connors, Thomas Grout, Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner and family, William Dailey, Miss Mamy Bryan.
Larksville — Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Brennan and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Keating and family, Thomas Keating, Mr. and Mrs. William Keating and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lou Keating and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Addison, Miss Mary Addison, Robert Keating, Mr. and Mrs. John Connors and family, Mrs. James Keating, Ella Keating and John Keating.
Wilkes-Barre — Mr. and Mrs. Louis Wagner, Misses Anna and Mary Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Collins and family, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Reilly, Mrs. Thomas McCarten and family, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Keating, Miss Martha Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Christian, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Keily and family.
Nanticoke — Mr. and Mrs. George Harnyl, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Keating and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Dailey and family.
Luzerne — Mr. and Mrs. William Scott and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham and family.
Parsons — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Collins and family.
Kingston — Mr. and Mrs. Frank Frantz and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Russel, M. Russel, Mr. and Mrs. John Ereslin.
Pittson — Martin Hart, Mrs. John Hart, John Keating, Joseph Keating, E.J. Keating, John Laughlin, Luke Keating, Thomas Keating, Thomas Conway, Thomas Keating, Mrs. James Brown, Mrs. George Rowen, John McAndrew, Mrs. P.P. Brown, E.J. Keating, Mrs. Thomas Keating, Martin Keating, William Keating, Mrs. Thomas Bannon, William Fanning, Mrs. D.O. Neil, William Keating, Mrs. H. Meister, Mrs. Thomas Grier, Mrs. Esther Keating, Thomas R. Keating, Michael Keating, Lawrence Moore, James McAndrew, Patrick McAndrew, Mrs. E. McAndrew, Patrick Mulchey, Joseph Keating.
Scranton — Ed Fanning, Michael Mann.
Hudson — William Padden.
Mayfield — Charles Gallagher.
Avoca — Miss Jennie Brennan, Robert Timlon, John Brennan.

Wilkes-Barre Semi-Weekly Record (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) · 26 Aug 1913, Tue · Page 5
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Ye gods, I wish there was a concise list of attendees at family reunions in my family from that time period…

(I actually ran into this family while trying to track down a mysterious 14-year-old Elizabeth Keating that was living with my great-great-grandparents in 1860. They were 30 and 27 at the time and their oldest daughter, Catherine, was only five. On a hunch, I found another Elizabeth Keating, whose parents were Patrick Keating and Mary Murphy, supposedly the same names as John’s parents. Ah-ha, says I! However, the ages of the Elizabeth’s don’t match up, and newspaper articles indicate the Pittston Elizabeth was one of twelve siblings, rather that John’s family of seven siblings.)

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  1. I have been to Keating reunions, in Ireland, Descendants of my gr-grandfather, who had 18 children through 3 wives(1st 2 died giving birth. There were about 200 attendees. In other news, 23andme has processed my DNA and I authorized DNA sharing

  2. Kildorrey, County Cork A descendant of my gr-grandfather still owns/runs the family farm there

  3. Liz and I sent our DNA to 23andme.com We have 2 grandchildren with a terminal, incurable genetic disease-Cystic Fibrosis. We wanted to know which of us carries the CF gene. It turns out that I am the gene carrier. We also tested negative for the BRCA1 and 2 genes(ovarian/breast/prostate cancer). Three ancestral family members died of ovarian cancer.
    Since then I watched a NOVA episode on consumer genetic testing. A woman was interviewed who sent her DNA to 23andme for testing. She tested negative for BRCA genes. She was then diagnosed with Breast cancer. It seems that 23andme only tests for 3 variants. Her doctor had her DNA tested at a medical lab. It tested 80,000 BRCAS variants vs 3 at 23andme. She had a positive test for another BRCA variant.
    To its credit, 23andme set up an interview with a reporter for the program. They explained their their website states that don’t test for all variants of genetic diseases. When asked about the fact that they pair DNA results with research questions answered by clients, and sell it to GlaxoSmithKiline, they showed a screen shot advising participants that they can refuse permission for research sharing.
    To its discredit, Ancestry.com refused all questions from the show’s reporter.
    If you are contemplating such a test, I strongly recommend watching this show so that you can make an informed decision.
    For us, if our DNA and answering questions contributes to a cure for CF or any genetic disease, then we are happy to share it.
    The CF gene that I and my grandchildren share is the most common CF gene. 23andme evidently only tests for the most common genetic disease genes.
    There is a book “Salt in My Soul”published by the mother of a CF patient after her daughter died, which gives some insight into what it is like to have CF. My review https://www.amazon.com/…/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_rvw_ttl…
    Emotional Roller coaster story of a Cystic Fibrosis patient

    [JWK3: The repaired link to Thomas’s well-written review.]

  4. Thomas — I’m sorry to hear that you ended up as a carrier for CF. I, too, hope that your results help in research on Cystic Fibrosis moving forward. I’m sorry this has been such an emotional roller coaster for you. Hopefully, this knowledge will help other family members to help plan and nurture their own families.

    One thing everyone must remember, especially as some companies (such as FamilyTreeDNA) move towards medical research and others (e.g., AncestryDNA) move away from it, is that these are consumer-grade tests. They’re not in-depth, and are not intended as medical advice. Consult with your doctor and/or a genetic specialist if you have any concerns.

    Thanks for pointing out the Mallory Smith’s “Salt in my Soul: An Unfinished Life” and the NOVA episode (Season 1, Episode 48: Secrets in our DNA). Will definitely check them out.

  5. I want to pass on some info that may be helpful to readers. Ireland has the most Cystic Fibrosis patients, per capita, in the entire world. All 50 US states now mandate newborn screening for CF. However this would not prevent maeconium, an intestinal blockage that formed in my oldest grandchild prior to birth. It is a side effect of CF. Doctors told my daughter that her 2 week premature birth made the difference between her baby being dead and surviving. The baby was transferred to a Children’s hospital 3 hours after birth, where they operated on her when she 18 hrs old. They removed 4 inches of intestine. She spent 10 weeks in the Neo Natal ICU recovering. She lost half her birth weight and nearly died .During subsequent pregnancies, Gin’s OB/GYN had the fetuses tested for CF. The 3rd baby showed that he had both CF genes, and thus the disease. He then scheduled ultrasounds, looking for signs of maeconium. When Gin was almost full term, there was a tell tale shadow. The OB/GYN admitted her and induced birth. It turned out the shadow was not a blockage.
    My 1st grandchild still has intestinal issues, common w. CF patients, because the gene destroyed her pancreas. The youngest also has intestinal issues, due to a non functioning pancreas.

  6. My Husband descends from the Keating’s in Pittston, PA. His grandfather was a foreman in the coal mine there. I believe he is the Thomas Keating in the article. They moved away but we’ve gone back to see the homes. I wish there was still a reunion. His immigrant ancestor was Thomas’s father, John Keating (1853–1907) born in Ballina County Mayo, Ireland, married to Mary Costello 1856-1905.

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