Vincent Joseph Keating (- 4 February 2012)

Vincent Joseph Keating

KEATING. – Vincent Joseph. Passed away peacefully on Feb. 4, 2012 Beloved husband of Meldra. Loved father of Margaret and Michael (Weston), Angela and Cley (Anderson), Carmel and Vince (Asdagi), Michael, Jennifer and Craig, Jamie and Yola. Loved Pa of Katie and J.C., Peter, Simon and Fran, Drew and Nick, Jessica and Ben, Trent, Samuel, Elly, Oscar and Ziggy. Thanks for our wonderful family. You fought the good fight Vin now reap your heavenly rewards. Loving you ‘always’ – Mel. See later paper for funeral details.

Published in Herald Sun on February 6, 2012

Source:, Originally Published: 6 February 2012 in the Herald Sun, Viewed: 7 February 2012.

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