2010 Keating / Pope Family Reunion

The annual Keating / Pope family reunion has been tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 19 June 2010, in Howard County, Maryland.

Primarily a reunion of the descendants and cousins of John Keating and Sara Pope of western Maryland, more distant cousins are welcome, and have shown up with increasing frequency over the last several years.

For additional information, please contact me or leave a comment below. I will also post more details as plans progress.

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  1. I am looking for the Mother and Father of Virginia Claire Keating Scanlon. Suppposedly her Mother died in childbirth in Lexington, Ky in 1909 and there may have been a twin who also died. She was my Grandmother and had 3 aunts who all show up in the Sumner/Tacoma Wa. area. She was raised by one of the Aunts/Virgnia Orton. We have looked for years but find nothing. Any link here? Thank You,

  2. I am a canadian born in Newfoundland.(Very Irish) And was wondering how I look into finding out more information on the Keating Family History.

  3. Enjoyed reviewing your web site. I have been researching my family for the last year. Elizabeth Pope, daughter of Philip and Dorothea (Fishron) Pope is my Great Grandmother.
    She married Thomas Henry Layman (1853-1916)on 31 Dec 1873 in Green Lantern, Garrett County Md (a short distance from the Layman Family Farm known as the Halfway House). Thomas and Elizabeth had 3 children including my grandfather Winfield Scott Layman (1877-1964). He lived his entire life on this farm. I have had little success finding the parents of either Philip or Dorothea. Any hints would be appreciated.

  4. Ken – That would make us third-cousins, once removed. Elizabeth’s brother, Peter, was my great-great-great-grandfather. Have you seen the public chart I’ve put up at http://www.keatingsearch.com/MyGenealogy/westernmarylandpopes.htm?

    My research has currently stopped at Philip and Dorothea/Theodora (Fisher/Fishron). This isn’t due necessarily to a brick wall – moreso a lack of searching once I hit the immigration event. My understanding from the 1870 census is that Philip was born in Bavaria. I also have her as born in Baden. Have you looked towards Germany yet?

  5. Thanks John for your response. I had reviewed the chart prior to sending you the earlier e-mail and it was most helpful. As for Philip and Dorothea/Theodora/Dorothy I also have similar info based on the census data. I really haven’t attempted to attack the European information either. I decided to just focus on the US on Ancestry.com. and delayed expanding search engines to the world to reduce the complexity and until I could go no further. I guess this winter I will proceed to the other continents. Thanks again..Ken

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