Attaches Retire From Office Today (8 December 1919)

Attaches Retire From Office Today

Ordinances calling for the elimination of assistant engineer and assistant superintendent of the water works, meter readers and inspectors and clerk to the service director become effective today. However, since the passage of this ordinance, an amendment has been passed retaining the assistant engineer. Holders of the other offices either vacated today, or will do so as soon as work is straightened up.

City officials state, it is not probable that the assistant engineer at the plant will be laid off. Instead he will work under an extra help voucher until the thirty days necessary have transpired. Miss Ruth Keating, clerk to the service director, will remain at her desk until her work is finished to an extant necessary.

It is understood Dudlet Faust, assistant superintendent of the water works, has retired, as have Arbe Remer and Glenn Wallace, meter readers, and inspectors.

Cuts in the salaries of the service and safety directors will not become effective until these two persons have served the time prescribed by law.

Source: Attaches Retire From Office Today, The Times-Democrat, Lima, Ohio, 8 December 1919, p. 2.

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