Punched the Butler’s Nose (2 January 1899)

Punched the Butler’s Nose.

Daughter of the Late Senator McPherson Shows Her Pluck and Her Muscle.

Before she married Dr. Joseph Muir, Miss Edla, daughter of the late Senator McPherson, of New Jersey, used to put in considerable time cultivating her muscle. She is a good oarswoman, can run half a mile in credible time, swings Indian clubs like a professional and is quite handy with boxing gloves. The retired boxer who gave her instruction in the manly art never had occasion to complain that Miss McPherson did not hit hard enough, and she used often to pity the fellow on whose nose his fair pupil might land her clean—hitting right. Since her marriage Mrs. Muir has wisely in a measure kept up her systematic exercise, though not giving so much time to it as in former days. She has just gone through an experience which amply repays her for the many hours she has devoted to boxing. A week ago she discharged James Keating, her colored butler. Keating persisted in hanging around the stable in the rear of Dr. Muir’s residence, at 41 West Forty-sixth street, New York, though warned by his former employer to keep away.

The other evening says the Chicago Chronicle, he tried to force his way into the house after ringing the front doorbell. Dr. and Mrs. Muir were away at the time, but were informed of Keating’s behaviour on their return. The doctor was called to see a patient, and during his absence Mrs. Muir saw her former butler standing outside. She went out and advised him to go away, as he would be arrested if he remained until the doctor returned. For reply the negro struck at her with his clenched fist. Mrs. Muir’s training with the gloves at once came to her rescue. She jumped back, and as Keating made a rush she shot out her right straight from the shoulder. The bunch of fives landed full on Keating’s nose and he went down in a heap.

Source: Punched the Butler’s Nose, The Lima News, Lima, Ohio, 2 January 1899, p. 3.

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