Gibbons Mission Guests in City (22 October 1918)


Catholic University Will Entertain Visitors From Europe.

Bishop Keating, of Northampton, England, and Bishop Julien, of Arras, France, with a distinguished party of Roman Catholic clergy, who came to Baltimore to felicitate Cardinal Gibbons on his golden jubilee, will come to Washington today and be the guests of the Catholic University for four days. Tomorrow they will be the guests of Mgr. Bonzano, papal legate to the United States. Thursday, they will visit the British and French embassies, and be entertained at dinner at each. Friday they will go to Mount Vernon, each bishop placing a wreath on the tomb of Washington. On Saturday, they will leave the city for Boston.

The party includes Bishop Keating and his secretary, the Rev. Joseph Mayne, Bishop Julien, Abbe Klein, of Paris, Abbe Flynn, vice rector of the University of Lille, Mgr. Bandrillat, rector of the Catholic Institute, Paris, Mgr. Barnes, chaplain at Oxford University, Sham Leslie, editor of the Dublin Review, and Mgr. Say, of Italy.

Source: Gibbons Mission Guests in City, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 22 October 1918, p. 14.

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