Deaths Full Of Horror (1906)


Two Convicts Drink Wood Alcohol and Perish in Convulsions

Rawlings, Wyo. May 31–William Wardlow and Jessie Keating, convicts, died at the State penitentiary here yesterday from the effects of drinking wood alcohol.

They were workers in the broom factory where shellac varnish is used in finishing the handles. They secured the varnish bottle and, allowing the shellac to settle, drank the wood alcohol which is used to cut the shellac. Both died in horrible convulsions, having become totally blind from the effect of the drug. At death the entire surface of the body was black as shoe leather.

Two other convicts drank the alcohol also, but as they had indulged less freely, were saved.

Source: Deaths Full of Horror, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 1 June 1906, p. 3.

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