Running Fight On Street (1904)


Several Hundreds of People Treated to Sunday Evening Excitement

George Brooks, aged forty-five years, a clerk in one of the departments, and Capt. Charles Keating, aged fifty-five years,  created a scene by a running fight on the street in the vicinity of the Treasury about 7 o’clock last evening. Hundreds were attracted by the performance, and finally Crossing Policemen Gibson and Barnett put an end to the disturbance by arresting both men.

The trouble began in a house on I street, near Fourteenth street, and Brooks, apparently getting the worst of it, turned his back to the foe. The pursued and the pursuer executed maneuvers from Fourteenth to I, then to Thirteenth, thence to New York avenue, on and off several street cars, and finally, breathless and yelling accusations, the two surrendered to the police. Each left $5 at the First precinct police station to answer to a charge of disorderly conduct.

Source: Running Fight On Street, The Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia, 5 September 1904, p. 2.

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