Col. John Keating (c.1862 – 1926)


Cumberland, Nov. 17. (AP). ā€“ Col. John Keating, secretary-treasurer of the Cumberland Brewing Co., and half owner of the James Clarke Distilling Co., previous to the abandonment of the Braddock Distillery, died at the Allegany Hospital this morning following an operation. He was 64 years old and a native of Winchester, Va.

Col. Keating, who received his title by virtue of membership on the staff of the late Governor Austin L. Crothers, was prominent in the business world and in Democratic politics.

He once refused the Democratic nomination for State Comptroller.

He was twice married. One son, Vincent Keating, Phoenix, Ariz., survives the first marriage. He is survived by two children of this marriage, Mises Kathleen Keating and John Keating, a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

Source: Col. John Keating Dies in Cumberland Hospital, The News, Frederick, Maryland, 17 November 1926, p. 1.

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  1. I am very glad to have found this journal, as I am researching my family history. My Name is Phil Oberhausen and I am the great-great grandson of Catherine (Dyer) Keating, whose son was Col John Keating, the subject of this obituary. John’s half-brother James Clark was my great-grandfather and I believe he was born when Catherine and her first husband were en route to New York from County Sligo, Ireland in 1846. I am trying to verify exactly which ship they were on, but cannot find their names on any of the manifests on the National Archives web sites I have searched.

    I see that you have cited an obituary for Catherine in the Winchester, Va Times News from January 21, 1896 that seems to have important details about Catherine and her history. Does anyone have access to the full obituary or any other information about Catherine and her family. I do have a picture of her grave in Winchester that I found through a Confederate history web site (James Clark was a member of the Virginia cavalry in the Civil War).

    Below is a link to an interesting article and photo about Col John Keating.

  2. Col. John Keating was my great grandfather his daughter Kathleen Keating married Henry C. Karpf they were my grand parents they had two sons Charles Karpf and Henry Karpf Jr. I’m glad to have found this article my mothers been working on our family tree for some time now.

  3. Dear Philip. Please contact me at my gmail address,
    My children, 3 of them are direct decendents of Catherine Keating, married, Conrad Karpf of Switzerland and resided in New Jersey . Thanks, Mary Anne

  4. I have a wonderful photo of Katherine Drennon Keating Karpf taken a short time before her early death due to an infection from a tooth removal. She was also expecting a child when she passed away. I will have to get the photo scanned for you and other family members.

  5. Hoping to exchange old photos of family members and names and information on the Karpf family and descendents. Not a common sir name and difficult to get information. I have an account with Ancestory and have never had any response.
    Mary Anne

  6. Col. John Keating was also my great grandfather. My mother, Jane Rodgers Keating Taylor, was the daughter of John Keating, Jr., and Henry and Charles Karpf were her first cousins. I know absolutely nothing about that side of the family, and I am eager to learn more.

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