University of Dublin Graduates (Summer 1595 – 1866)

Keating (Edward), Sch., 1796. РB. A., Vern. 1798. РM. B., ̠st. 1802.

Keating (George), B. A., Hiem. 1788.

Keating (Henry Kamplee), B. A., Vern. 1847.

Keating (Henry Singer), B. A., Vern. 1828. – M. A., Nov. 1832.

Keating (John William), D. D., (speciali gratid), Æst. 1796.

Keating (Nicholas), B. A., Vern. 1712.

Keating (Thomas), Sch., 1789. – B. A., Vern. 1791.

Keating (Walter), B. A., Æst. 1834.

Keating (Walter Henry), B. A., Æst. 1845.

Keatinge (Cadogan), B. A., Vern. 1744. РM. A., ̠st. 1747.

Keatinge (John), B. A., May 4, 1855.

Keatinge (John), B. A., Æst. 1836.

Keatinge (Joseph), B. A., Vern. 1828. – M. A., Nov. 1832.

Keatinge (Maurice), B. A., Vern. 1836.

Keatinge (Michael), Sch., 1812. – B. A., Vern. 1814.

Keatinge (Richard), B. A., Vern. 1810. – LL. B., and LL. D., Vern. 1818.

Keatinge (Robert), Sch., 1782. – B. A., Vern. 1784.

Keatinge (William), B. A., Æst. 1850.


Keating (Henry), B. A., Hiem. 1866.

Abbreviations:B. A. – Bachelor in Arts.M. A. – Master in Arts.Lic. Eng. – Licentiate in Engineering.

LL. B. – Bachelor in Laws.

M. B. – Master in Medicine.

Mus. B. – Bachelor in Music.

B. D., or S. T. B. – Bachelor in Divinity, or in Sacred Theology.

M. Eng. – Master in Engineering.

LL. D. – Doctor in Laws.

M. D. – Doctor in Medicine.

Mus. D. – Doctor in Music.

D. D., or S. T. D. – Doctor in Divinity, or in Sacred Theology.

Sch. – Scholor of Trinity College.

Fell. – Fellow.

Vern. (Comitia Verna) – Spring Commencements.

̠st. (Comitia ̠stiva) РSummer Commencements.

Hiem. (Comitia Hiemalia) – Winter Commencements.

Source: Trinity College, A Catalogue of Graduates who Have Proceeded to Degrees in the University of Dublin, From the Earliest Recorded Commencements To July, 1866, published 1869 by Hodges, Smith, and Foster in Dublin, Ireland, pp. lxx, 312-313, 642. Available via

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