Biography – Maurice Bagenal St. Leger Keating

KEATING, MAURICE BAGENAL ST. LEGER (d. 1835), soldier and author, entered the 3rd dragoons as cornet on 14 May 1778, but obtained a lieutenancy in the 22nd light dragoons on 16 Dec. 1779, and became captain on 20 June 1781, and major 13 Dec. 1782 in the same regiment. In 1783 his regiment was disbanded, and he was put on half-pay. He was M.P. for co. Kildare in 1790 and 1801. While still on half-pay he was promoted lieutenant-colonel, 12 Oct. 1793. On 8 April 1794 he was placed in command of the 107th foot, and when that regiment was disbanded in 1795 he was kept upon full pay. He left the army in 1796, and died in 1835. He married Martha, second daughter of Anthony Brabazon, eighth earl of Meath. In 1784 Keating accompanied Consul-general George Payne on a tour through France and Spain to Morocco, of which he published an account entitled ‘Travels in Europe and Africa,’ London, 1816. This work was reissued in 1817 as ‘Travels through France, Spain, and Morocco.’ Keating also published ‘Eidometria, or Optic Mensuration,’ 1812, and translated ‘The True History of the Conquest of Mexico,’ from the Spanish of Bernal Diaz del Castillo, 1800. The last is favorably reviewed in the ‘British Critic’ (xvii. 27, 151, 252), and is praised by Southey in a note to ‘Madoc.’

[Biog. Dict of Living Authors, 1816; Army Lists; Burke’s Peerage; Brydges’s Censura Lit. iv. 43-51.] W. A. J. A. {W. A. J. Archbold}

Source: Lee, Sidney [Editor], Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. XXX. Johnes – Kenneth, published 1892 by MacMillan and Co., New York & Smith, Elder, & Col, London, p. 276. Available via

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  1. I have a Bagnel in my family line, still researching, Bagnelstown, Co. Carlow is called after them. My line ended up in south Kerry:

    Family Line of John Joseph
    Keating (1760-1833)

    Lord Ugo Gheradini Margrave
    married ? and produced:

    Lord Rambuto Di Ugo Dei Gheradini
    (950-1030) born Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Son Raniero Di Rambuto Dei
    Gherardini Margrave (975-1027)

    Lord Cosmus Di Ugo Dei Gheradini

    Lord Cosmus Di Ugo Dei Gheradini
    (955-1030) married ? and produced:

    Lord Mathias Dei Gheradini

    Lord Mathias Dei Gheradini
    (977) married ? and produced :

    Lord Otterous Dei Gheradini

    Lord Otterous Dei Gheradini
    (1002) married ? and produced

    Lord Otto Gheradini of Windsor(1025)

    Lord Otto Gheradini of Windsor(1025)
    married ? and produced:

    Sir Walter FitzOtto de Windsor

    Sir Walter FitzOtto de Windsor
    (1049-1109) married Gwladys of Cynlyn (1050) (she
    was the daughter of King Rhys Ap Tewdyr, King Rhys’s father was King
    Tewdyr Ap Cadell, his father was King Cadell Ap Einon)
    produced :

    Sir Gerald FitzWalter de
    Windsor (1072-1141)

    Sir Gerald FitzWalter de Windsor
    (1072-1141) married Princess Nesta Tewdr (1073) they produced:

    Sir Maurice FitzGerald de Windsor
    (1099-1156) married Alice Montgomery, sons William, Thomas, Gerald and

    Sir William FitzGerald de
    Windsor (1094-1173)

    Bishop David FitzGerald de
    Windsor (1102-1177) child Milo FitzDavid

    Anghared de Windsor (1110)
    married William de Barri, children Philip, Walter, Gerald and Richard

    Gwdlays de Windsor (1112) married
    Richard FitzGodebert, son Walter FitzRichard

    Sir William FitzGerald de Windsor
    (1094-1173) married Catherine Kinsley (1100) they produced:

    Sir Raymond FitzWilliam (1120-1184)
    married Brasilia de Clare, son Maurice de la Gros

    Sir William FitzWilliam (1122)
    married Aline de Clare, issue: Gerard Barons of Bryn, Wales

    Bishop Sylvester FitzWilliam

    Sir John FitzWilliam de
    Keating (1124-1185)

    Sir Henry FitzWilliam (1125)

    Sir Odo FitzWilliam de Carew
    (1126-1202) married Alice FitzGerald, son William FitzWilliam de Carew

    Mabelle de Windsor ) (1128)
    married Nicholas de Canteloupe, son Raymond de Canteloupe

    Sir Griffin FitzWilliam (1130)

    Sir John Fitzwilliam de Keating
    (1124-1185) married Mabelle de Clare (1120) they produced:

    Sir Elias FitzJohn de Keating

    Sir Elias FitzJohn de Keating
    (1149-1201) married Beatrice FitzWalter (1155) of Rhos, Pembrokeshire,
    Wales they produced:

    Lord Baldwin de Keating (1172-1235)
    married Adele FitzMaurice de la Gros, son Baron Elias de Keating

    Sir Thomas de Keating (1173)

    Sir Robert de Keating (1175-1234)

    Sir Robert de Keating (1175-1234)
    married Mabelle de La Graunde (1180) they produced:

    Sir Adam de Keating (1203-1247)
    married Marjorie Wadding, child: John FitzAdam de Keating

    Sir James de Keating (1204)
    married ? sons Sir James de Keating, Lord William de Keating

    Sir Philip de Keating (1205-1275)
    son Baron Milo de Keating

    Sir Walter de Keating (1207)
    married Mary Fitzgerald, sons

    Sir James de Keating

    Sir Raymond de Keating (1208)

    Sir Raymond de Keating (1208)
    married ? and produced:

    Sir Wymarc de Keating (1230)
    married ? Cantillon, son David de Keating

    Sir Thomas de Keating (1235)
    son Geoffrey de Keating

    Sir Milo de Keating (1250)

    Sir Milo de Keating (1250)
    married ? and produced:

    Sir Walter de Keating (1300)

    Sir Walter de Keating (1300)
    married Luvia Jeffrey (1295) they produced:

    Matthew Keating (1319-1389)

    Sir Patrick de
    Keating (1323-1420)

    Sir Patrick de Keating (1323-1420)
    married Catherine Cantillon (1330) they produced:

    Sir Henry de Keating (1352-1420)

    John Keating (1360) married
    Joanne ?

    Sir Henry de Keating (1352-1420)
    married Mary O’Dempsie (1365) they produced:

    Sir Robert de Keating (1385-1446)

    Sir Robert de Keating (1385-1446)
    married Anastasia Cantwell (1895) they produced:

    Sir James Keating (1415-1510)
    married Eleanor Devereaux

    Sir David Keating (1417-1502)

    Ellen Keating (1419)

    Sir John FitzJohn de Keating
    (1433-1491) married Mary Hore, children: Sir Nicholas, Sir William,
    Sir James

    Sir David Keating (1417-1502)
    married Joan Synott (1445) of Clealand, Co. Wexford they produced:

    Philip Keating (1467-1505)
    married (1499) Katherine FitzDavid Sutton, Children John & Walter

    Joan Keating (1470-1538)

    Richard Keating (1472) son

    James Keating (1490-1564)

    James Keating (1490-1564) married
    Alison Furlong (1505) of Wexford they produced:

    Michael Keating (1526-1606)

    Henry Keating (1530) children
    Henry, John, Nicholas

    Michael Keating (1526 –5th

    March 1606) married Margaret Whitty (1532) of Ballyteague, Co. Wexford
    they produced:

    James Keating (1552-1626)

    James Keating (1552-1626) married
    Margaret Wadding (1555) they produced:

    David Keating (1575)

    Thomas Keating (1577-1678)
    married Bridget Doyle

    James Keating (1578)

    Joan Keating (1580)

    John Keating (1581) had a son
    Arthur Keating

    Margaret Keating (1582)

    Michael Keating (1583)

    Nicholas Keating (1585-1626)

    Patrick Keating (1586)

    William Keating (1588)

    Ellen Keating (1589)

    Richard Keating (1591)

    David Keating (1575) born Baldwinstown,
    Wexford married his cousin Catherine Keating they produced:

    Baron James Keating (1603)

    William (1605)

    Michael (1606) married a Shelbourne

    John (1608)

    Oliver (1610) married Anne

    Luke (1612)

    Richard (1613)

    Baron James Keating (1603)
    married Katherine ? they produced:

    David Keating (1625-1662)

    David Keating (1625-1662) married
    Unknown they produced:

    Amelia Keating (1649)

    Catherine Keating (1650)

    Margaret Keating (1652) married
    Charles Taylor

    Earl John David Keating

    Luke Keating (1658)

    William Keating (1660)

    Earl John David Keating (1656-1695)
    married Mary Amelia Kennard (1656) of Kildare, Co. Kildare they produced:

    John Kennard Keating (1680-1736)

    John Kennard Keating (1680-1736)
    born Taghmon, Wexford married Mary Augusta Bagenal they produced:

    Augusta Keating (1700)

    Anne Keating (1702)

    Mary Keating (1705)

    John FitzJohn Keating (1707-1767)

    John FitzJohn Keating (1707-1767)
    born Wexford married Mary Ellen Cantillon (1700-) born Cashel Tipperary
    they produced:

    Mary Theresa Keating (1730)

    Charlotte Keating (1732)

    Geoffrey FitzJohn Kennard Keating

    John Kennard Keating (1737-1740) died

    Geoffrey FitzJohn Kennard Keating (1735-1779)
    married Anna Francis FitzMaurice born Kerry (1740) they produced:

    John Joseph Keating (1760-1833)

    Maurice FitzMaurice Keating born 1765

    John Joseph Keating (1760-1833)
    married Mary Creagh born 1765 at Termons in the parish of Dromod and

    John Joseph (1783-1873)

    Hanorah (1785 1872)

    Daniel (1787 –1874)

    Thomas (1789-

    Denis (1791-1878)

    Maurice (1791-1875)
    The Twins

    James (1801-1871)

    Patrick (1804-1884)

    William (1805 –1866)

    There are a further 3 daughters,
    Johanna, Ellen and Margaret

    Denis (1791-1878) Twin
    of Maurice My Great Great Grandfather

    Denis is the father of Michael
    Keating (1847 -1925) who married Mary Riordan (1852-1938) (Rangue, Killorglin),
    They were married in Killorglin Church 14

    August 1875, on the marriage certificate Mary’s father is listed as
    John Riordan. Rangue, Killorglin

    They produced:

    Ellen (Ellie) (1877-1945)
    married Willie McKimmie

    Margaret (1884-1961) married
    Dr. John O’Donoghue (My Grandparents)

    Minnie married Jack Hewison

    Patrick Emigrated to the
    Azores, married Countess Adelia de Azeredo. Moved to Oporto.

    I have their full family

    Julia-Ann (1886) Teacher
    in Cahirciveen

    Kathleen (1888) Married
    Jack Mason

    Joseph (Michael Joseph)
    (1892) married Claire Horgan

  2. I am Joseph Keating of Cahirsiveen, Co. Kerry. I am the second of five. Maurice, Joseph, Maura, Michael & Paul. My Father is Joseph, the youngest of eight from Gurraneregh (known also to them as Knockeens). My mother is Carmel, also Keating, from Derrynane harbour, Caherdaniel.
    I thought I’d say hello as there may be some common ground in the past.

  3. Hi Joseph,

    Your grandfather was Maurice (1895-1940) married to Norah Clifford (1893-1989)

    His father was Maurice born c 1850 married to Catherine Golden

    His father was Dennis Keating of Letter who married a “Hurrig” Neil of Valentia

    Your father’s brother Jerome was the Superior General of the Christian Brothers.

    My aunt Noreen O’Connell, Irish House still lives in Cahirsiveen, her grandfather was Michael Keating master blacksmith.

    Your Carmel was originally from Carhan

    Please contact me at

    Brendan Joseph O’Donoghue

  4. Hi…..Read above info with interest. Do you have further info on Maurice Keating (twin of Denis born 1791)? My 2ggrandfather was a Maurice Keating who served in the British Army in India (in and around Bangalore).According to his military record, he was a clerk before he enlisted. He married an Elizabeth (possibly Sullivan) and had at least 4 children with her, one being Frances Keatinge, my grandmother.
    …….Any connections……Syl

  5. Hi Syl,

    Maurices twin Dennis was my GGG grandfather. I have the full family lines. None of that particular Keating line served in the British army. Military records are quite good. Best of luck.


  6. Hello I am seeking William Edward Keating and his wife Catherine Keating (maiden name unknown) presumed to have lived in Fermoy,County Cork, because that is where my g g grandmother also Catherine Keating (born about 1812) married before going to NYC in 1850. I was hoping someone would know of this line. Thanks for any help you may be able to offer in advance.

  7. Hello to all. I am really glad i stubled upon this site. my Mothers maiden name is Keating. so far all i know about my past family line is that are irish hertige was founded by a normand knight from italy sometime in the 12th to 14th century. and at that time the name was Cetien or of somesort it has been many years and i am after forgeting how it is spelt. I have been unable to find out further infromation. as i dont really know how or where to start looking. if you could help me with this i would be most greatful.

    as for William keating i know of one and he was born in 1799 and died in 1844 and was the son of Baron john Keating.

  8. We have three plaque in narraghmore church in memory of three of maurice and lady marthas children we would like to know more about the keatinges what happened to them after they left narraghmore they were the second last barons of norragh. The estate was sold in 1813 to robert letouch.

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