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I’ve updated the family genealogy at http://www.KeatingSearch.com/MyGenealogy/. This is the first version using the new version of John Cardinal’s Second Site. I’ve changed the style a bit, and might make more changes as I play with new features. I’ve also set my computer to update the new site on a weekly basis, so changes make it to the site more regularly.

As always, this is the public version, and should contain no information on living people. For access to the private version, please contact me.

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  1. Hi Folks
    The Keating family reunion for June 2012(descendents of Michael Keating of Kildorrey, my gr-grandfather) has been postponed until summer 2013. Seamus Keating, Irish organizer of reunion was in a bicycle accident. His neck was broken in 3 places and he is paralyzed from the neck down. There is a chart on this website listing Michael Keating’s children.

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