A Bit Quiet In Here…

I haven’t been posting new articles recently. The reasons for this are multi—fold…

  • I’ve dropped my Ancestry.com subscription. While a wonderful resource, it is definitely a costly one, and the drip of ad revenue from the sponsoring ads weren’t enough to cover it. I’m slowly building a backlog of information that I want to research at Ancestry, and will eventually re—up my subscription. Until that time, the posts will likely be a bit slower.
  • I’m in the middle of an image archiving project for my immediate family’s photographs. I’m slowly scanning in thousands of photographs. For the most part, these are relatively recent (mostly of my siblings and my childhood), and of no interest to current genealogists. However, they’re taking most of my free time in the evenings. I expect this project will last until the end of the year.

In the meantime, as I come across something interesting, I’ll be sure to add it. On the flip side – if you have anything to contribute (old newspaper articles / birth certificates / death certificates / obituaries / etc.), please contact me at keating@KeatingSearch.com. I’ll be glad to add them.



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